What’s trending right now is cabinets. for this time of year is perfect for such a project. Looking to rejuvenate your living spaces with a color or a more dramatic change.


Here are some pro insider tips to help you familiarize yourself and to serve as a guide for the project planning process. Having the information and knowledge ahead of time can be key when making decisions for your project. Some painters will cut corners to save time and make money by making promises of professional results. After several years of being trusted by our clients, we continue to deliver the “wow” effect Desoto is known for.

Step One: Removing hardware and cabinet doors

  • First we protect the floor by applying paper and tape to ensure protection from project elements.
  • Then we hang plastic on surrounding walls/ceiling if necessary and we do the same with clients furniture and items that would positionally be affected.
  • We then mask and tape the cabinets to ensure the paint is applied to correct areas of cabinets and doors.

Step Two: Prep and masking cabinets and project area

  • This is a very important step that we are very through to ensure that surrounding areas are not affected by overspray and elements of the project.
  • Hanging plastic and paper masking areas to

Step Three: Prep door

• Apply Bondo and wood filler in scratches and holes making abnormalities smooth out.

• Sand cabinet surfaces with paying attention to smoothing and blending surface well.

Step four: Applying paint, or tinted lacquer-

  • On the new wood surface, we would apply the first coat of lacquer which is to seal the wood so to speak. Finishing only if there is no one from the previous painting. Let dry
  • sand lightly and apply the table lacquer or paint and let dry.
  • Buff lightly to make sure the surface is smooth
  • Put a second coat of tin table lacquer or paint and let dry.
  • Buff very lightly and then apply the top clear coat to make the surface shine.

Step Five: Finished Cabinets

• Put back on the hardware and hang the cabinets back. ‘• Cleanup work area leaving the space clean to industry standard

Return for our extended Cabinet work and more to do”s next week

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